Thursday, January 22, 2015

missionaryMum.7 (Nov)

As October drew to a close and November settled in, Mum said goodbye to the Halloween decorations around her floor and started welcoming some Christmas decorations.

And as an aside, this is the view from Mum's office. It is early morning as daylight savings had not ended just yet and so after the weekend, Mum was expecting it to be light on the way to work again.

Mum's front door - getting ready for Christmas next month.

Any excuse for a celebration - this was a birthday tea for Sister Bronson and Sister Ray.

On the 14th of November, Mum experienced her first sprinkling of snow. It was -7 degrees at 7am.

Hi everyone! yesterday and today have been 19 degrees, beautiful. The sun comes in my apt. Most of the day. Last week was down 10-13 each day and cold overnight, zero.
Daylight saving has ended so it is light again working to work. Monday morning devotional elder James Hamula spoke to us, he is obviously not Pacific Area president any more. His talk was very good. This week in my family History I found a few more people and their sources in England and immigration to Australia. 
If you are trying to help your children with it it is better to do a Descendancy search....start with a set of grandparents and come forward, putting in names and sources as you go. It is not so frustrating for them. Tuesday they put a Weather shield on my front door which will make it better as there was a big gap under the door and I am at the top,of the stairs near the outer door. Wednesday I went to the temple, did washing and then we went shopping for a coat. I wanted a longer one but the long ones are all on the ground!!!! So I settled for a shorter one, it should be warm though.
Thursday night I had to do the sister Angel for one of the new sisters coming in on Friday. The Branch do up baskets and put in the apts for each new person. Water, juice, fruit, nuts, bars and information about the area. I met the sister today she is very nice. Now they all go to the MTC for a week first, this was the first group to do it. She said it was good, mainly focused on Preach My Gospel. 
The latter part of this week has been quite slow at work, we are waiting for the onslaught, hopefully it won't come, it is nice to get caught up and not have anything in the queue.
Friday night we went to the concert in the Assembly Hall, interfaith choir. The cantata had been written By two women, one words and one music about the beauty of the earth. Quite impressive, the voices blended very well together. 
Saturday went to help church clean up at 8 am, line dancing at 9 am and then home to wash etc. slept for an hour, went to swap meet. At night we got free tickets to the Utah Symphony. Bartok with some Mozart and Richard Strauss. Conductor was Hungarian and only 38. Very good.
Happy birthday Jonty and Lisa for this week. Hope you have a good day.

Toward the middle of November, Mum started seeing more Christmas decorations go up, including life -sized nativities.

There are still so many concerts to attend each month. This one was a Lu'au at BYU.


New Zealand



By the end of November, the snow was coming quite steadily but not as thick as other years yet.

I love this view of the gazebo from Mum's balcony.

Missionary snowmen at the mission office.

Lots of nativities for sale in the shops.

The foyer of the JSMB - ready for December.

During the cold months, they cover all the gardens in plastic.

I love all the different nativities they have from around the world.

It all looks so real!

Right at the end of the month, Mum got see all the beautiful Christmas lights around Temple Square, that they spend months getting ready to light up. It must be a sight to behold, especially when it is snowing.

Wow Wow and WOW!! SO many lights!! It looks amazing.