Monday, March 11, 2013

Oliver's Baptism

On Monday, it was Ollie's 8th birthday. He has been SO excited for SO long, counting down the days and hours until his big day. He got up nice and early on Monday to open his presents.

He had some eager little helpers too.

As per our birthday tradition, Oliver got picked up just before lunch from school so he could have a few hours doing whatever he wanted on his own. He decided to go to Kmart and spend some of his birthday money.

 For tea the kids get to pick whatever they want and Oliver asked for homemade sausage rolls, Fanta, lollies, M&Ms and chips.

Ollie LOVES Minecraft and wanted a Minecraft themed cake. I thought it was a bit out of my league but I gave it a go anyway and made a Minecraft creeper cake.

On Friday after school, Ollie had four friends over after school for a little party. Because we live just down the road from school, we all walked home together. I felt like the pied piper with my own lot and then another four extra.

Oliver had a great time opening his presents which included a soccer ball, lego and a skateboard. HIs friends know him so well.

Flynn loved playing with all Oliver's presents too.

Pass the parcel was a huge hit.

Hallie did a great job with the music and Flynn did a great job of tidying up. ;)

Sticking with the Minecraft theme, I made square cupcakes with the creeper face on them. They were a hit as all the boys love Minecraft.

The best celebration of Oliver's 8th birthday however, came yesterday, when he got to be baptised after church.

These are all the Uncles and cousins and his Pop that helped in setting him apart. What a privilege and blessing for him.

Oliver with Oma and Pop

Three generations of Triffitts. We missed having Simon's Pop, Harry there who usually made it four generations, but we know he would have been proud of another one of his great-grandchildren yesterday.

 The fam with my Mum, Nanny Gibson.

I wish I got some more photos afterwards of Aunts and Uncles that Oliver had there with him that travelled from afar as Melbourne and from Burnie, Launceston and Hobart and ones of his friends from church both young and old, so he could look back and see just how blessed he was on his Baptismal Day to have so many people who love and want the best for him. 

Somehow though I don't think he will forget what a special day it was..... he has already decided that he will serve a mission when he is 18 but it has to be where the Olympic Games are to be that year as he is going to be on the Australian archery team.
And you know what I tell can do anything in this world Oliver!!