Friday, February 3, 2012

To be on the front page...

As I stare at the front page of yesterday's paper, I still can't believe this is happening. I read the paper everyday, from cover to cover and I read about good news and sad news all the time. The difference is however, that I usually don't know any of the people in the news. The difference is that I know this family on the front page. The difference is, I love this family on the front page. The difference is I wish none of this had ever happened and something else was on yesterday's front page.

A blogger friend of Lisa's, Naomi Ellis, who has a personal blog and facebook page called Seven Cherubs has set up a donation fund where people can donate money to help Lisa and the boys. It is attracting so much support from here and around the world as strangers and friends alike who learn of what happened, fill their hearts full of love and grief for a beautiful family. When you read Lisa's blog, you can't help but be drawn into her life by the genuine and candid way she journals about her family, her love for them shining through her words.

Yesterday's story in the paper, highlighted the donation fund. One day soon I want to meet Naomi and envelope her in a big hug. My old school friend, Nicole (The Cupcake Fairy), emailed the Examiner with some details, hoping that the paper would do something and never dreaming it would make the front page. For that I am grateful because the more people know about this beautiful family, the more their lives will be enriched.

I found this photo of Hallie and Harri having a bath at home. I think it was 11th May, 2008, which makes Hallie 5 and Harri, 4 yrs old.

Hallie has admired Aaron for a long time but has been to shy to ever speak to him much, except to laugh at his jokes and being a fellow Hawks fan, she loved reading Lisa's blog posts about Aaron and the footy and even going to Aurora Stadium too. 

Today Hallie gave her pocket money to the donation fund. I'm not recording this so we all think what an awesome girl she is (I already know that) but to highlight the influence Aaron had on everybody, even little insignificant (not to me) 8 yr olds who liked him but were too shy to ever talk to him.

To donate your pocket money too, go here.

Seven Cherubs and The Cupcake Fairy are also working hard to set up a charity fundraiser facebook auction which will be run from the 9th to the 12th of February. It will involve Australian businesses donating their service or product which will then be auctioned by Seven Cherubs facebook page. Go here for details.


The Kings said...

Hallie you are such a beautiful soul. Aaron would be so proud of you as I am. Thank you for wanting to help us. xxx

Bride said...

how sweet! what a beautiful little girl you have Simone.
such a heart felt post too. x

Anonymous said...

What a little sweetheart Hallie is. I loved her socks she wore to Aaron's funeral.
Bless her for her pure little heart.
You must be so proud of her.
Love Lorraine.

Happy Mummy said...

Another awsome Cherub!

Anonymous said...

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