Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy 5th birthday Oliver

Today we celebrated Oliver's 5th birthday.

It started with present opening this morning - a little help from the girls..............

One of the presents he opened, Simon said, 'do you like it?' Oliver replied, 'yes, but I actually didn't want that!'. You can always count on kids to be blunt and honest.

Then at lunch time Simon and I went to Oliver's class at school and they sang Happy Birthday and we handed out yummy homemade oreo and kingston truffles. (we are so in with Ollie's teacher now) ;)

Hallie was allowed in the kinder area for a little play.

Simon had arranged the truffles with writing icing so they read Happy Birthday Oliver. I'm happy to make the truffles as long as Simon then decorates.

Jonty loves coming to school and seeing all the kids run around everywhere.

After school we did the traditional tea where they get to pick what they want.
Plain rice
cheese and bacon balls (the round orange ones in the chip aisle)
icecream cake.
Simon made the ice-cream cake. He looked at a few versions on youtube then off he went.

It was SO yummy. He laced it with kit kats. No wonder we all feel sick.

Oliver is the ice-cream king. It is definitely his favourite food. We hope you had a wonderful day today Ollie. Happy 5th birthday. xx